7 Questions with Sisi Yemmie

I love when I get the outcome I expect. I would not say Cooking is my hobby, but I like to eat really good food, so cooking is inevitable because I cannot depend on someone else to provide good food for me always. So, what I love most about cooking is a delicious end result.

If I had 5 minutes to cook I’ll probably be whipping up an assorted noodle!


I’m open to exploring a lot of cultures but one I would want to immediately explore is the Akwa Ibom/Calabar Culture, they have a lot of mouth-watering dishes and traditions-I am intrigued!


If I had N1000 only, I’d make make Jollof Rice. I would only need Rice, about 2 cups,  1 tin tomato, 1 Onion, Seasoning, ¼ Cup of Oil, Spring Onion and that Jollof would be decent.  


I’ve tried a few, but the latest on my list is making pounded yam with a processor or even a blender. It suddenly makes life so easy.

Now that’s tough! I would probably go for Akara and Pap; Beans, Oil, (seasoning does not count), Pap!

Find a way to simplify the process and make it enjoyable. I didn’t like cooking in the past because almost every meal was a fail, but with much practice my food began to taste better and I started enjoying cooking.

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