How To Make The Perfect Akara

Mama Bomboy owns the popular Akara stand on my street. She makes this fluffy, yummy, melt in your mouth bean cakes that keep you going back for more. I’ve eaten her Akara for years but that’s about to end because I’m moving house. The good thing however is she shared her recipe with me and I tried it out over the weekend. Believe me when I say mine even tasted better than hers LOL. I used to think it was a herculean task but it turned out to be easy-breezy. I’d be sharing the recipe here too. After all, they say love is sharing.

Akara also known as fried bean cakes is made basically from grounded beans, onion, pepper and seasoning. You mix the ingredients in a bowl and fry. Now, depending on how you want the texture to be, you either deep fry or shallow fry. The former comes out fluffy while the latter comes out flat. I prefer the fluffy version. Another factor that determines the outcome is the water content. If it’s too watery, it spreads out in the fry pan, so it’s better to use as little water as possible when blending.




  • Soak the beans for about 5 mins till the skin starts to come off.
  • Start peeling the skin with your hands.
  • When all the skin comes off and beans is cleaned, soak it for about 30 mins in warm water.
  • Blend to a smooth batter the beans, pepper, onion and crayfish, adding little water.
  • Add the seasoning and salt to taste.
  • Place the fry pan on medium heat and pour the vegetable oil.
  • Now, using a table spoon scoop some batter into the oil and begin to fry.
  • When it’s gets brown, scoop them out and it is ready to eat.


This meal is so delicious on its own or you can combine it with bread, custard, pap or garri. Let’s know how best you enjoy your Akara in the comment box.

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