Nigerian Okra Soup

Back then in school, okra soup was a life saver. This quick fix meal always came to the rescue after several hours of tiring boring lectures. Oops! Can’t believe I said that loud. LOL.

What makes me love the soup so much is that it goes with most swallows.

Furthermore, I love how it draws and just won’t let your hands be. Funny enough, I can’t bring myself to eat okra in public as I might just end up licking my fingers and people would start blaming my village people. So I‘d rather eat my Okra at home. LOL.

Okra soup is quite cheap and easy to prepare. Okra also has several health benefits and is a good source of folic acid, dietary fibre, calcium, Vitamin B, potassium etc.

So Let’s get started.




  • Grate the okra.
  • Boil the stock fish for about 30 mins or till tender.
  • Season the beef, ponmo and cook till it’s soft.
  • Pour the palm oil in a separate pot and set on medium heat.
  • Add the blended pepper, some beef stock, beef, ponmo, stock fish and bouillon cube.
  • Stir and cover to simmer for about 10 mins.
  • Add the spinach/pumpkin leaves and crayfish; stir and leave pot uncovered.
  • The okra goes in last. Keep stirring till the okra is well cooked and drawing.
  • Add salt to taste.


Okra goes well with most swallow foods except pounded yam of course! Leave our pounded yam and Efo Riro please. LOL.

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