How To Prepare Ogbonno Soup


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Ogbonno soup is made from African Bush Mango seeds. The seeds are dried and milled most times with crayfish. Ogbonno seeds are very nutritious. They are a good source of calcium, potassium, iron and fibre; this makes the soup ideal for diabetics.

Sincerely, I used to detest Ogbonno because I felt it had a soapy taste. Not until my grandmother prepared it for us during one of her visits. I fell in love with the soup instantly. Grand Ma then went on to tell me that bitter leaf made the difference so I’ve always included it in my soup since then.

Ogbonno has a very slimy texture. In fact, that is the beauty of the soup. I like it when it’s very spicy too. There are several methods of preparing this soup but I consider the one inspired by my Grandmother the easiest.

Let’s get started.


How to prepare

  • Wash and squeeze out the bitter leaf juice till it’s just slightly bitter.
  • Season the beef with 1 seasoning cube, salt and onion and boil till tender. Don’t add too much water when boiling.
  • Wash and clean the kpomo and dried fish and add to the boiling beef.
  • Leave to simmer for 5 mins.
  • Add the dried pepper and crayfish. Stir.
  • Now, get a stainless steel plate that fits the cover of your pot, pour the grounded ogbonno, mix with palm oil and place the plate on the pot for the ogbonno mix to steam for 5 mins. You can also use the pot cover for this purpose, just turn it inside out.
  • When the ogbonno has melted in the oil, pour into the pot. DO NOT COVER the pot.
  • Start stirring and watch the Ogbonno thicken.
  • Add the bitter leaf, pumpkin leaf and continue stirring for another 3 mins.
  • It’s ready.


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Image Credit: MatseCooks

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