As a juice addict, I am always on the look out for healthy alternatives with lower sugar levels but equally as tasty. Hence my eagerness to try out different mixes to create new drinks. The Tri-Fecta milk  might sound like a complicated name, but I’m just excited about this milk mix that I created a couple of weeks back. It is rich with a variety of flavors that makes for a filling drink.

2 table spoons of Soy milk powder
1 Coconut
A handful of fresh Tigernuts
Half a cup of boiled water


Why do I love them? Tiger nuts are amazingly healthy with a high fiber content that makes for a filling snack even with just a handful.
This fiber contains resistant starch, a highly beneficial pre-biotic; meaning, it feeds the good bacteria in your digestive tract
(google it). Interesting fact, they are a tuber, not a nut, hence they have almost completely allergy free.
About Soy milk, a little bit of banter and much ado have been spoken about soy milk, mostly about its hormonal effect, but I’m just loyal to it! First, it is has unsaturated fat with zero cholesterol, long and short story, it is very heart friendly.
Also, it has a lower level of sugar than regular milk, it reduces the intestinal absorption of Fat, and contains a high fiber content.
Meaning, if you are fit-famming, soy milk is for the win! Coconut, in its varying forms, is certainly the nirvana for fiber. To name a
few, they are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic (insert open eyed emoji).

1. Wash the tiger nuts with salt (personal preference) and water
2. Soak the tiger nuts overnight to soften them up.
3. Using a fork or knife (be careful), poke a hole through the three dots on the coconut and drain the liquid into a cup.
4. Break the coconut and slice them into thin pieces (be careful)

1. Drain the tiger nuts and blend them
2. Put in a bit of water (you can actually add the coconut water here, if you were able to get it out) and blend again (tiger nuts are
generally hard so you may need to blend it over and over again to get a semi fine paste.
3. Add the coconut slices, and blend, feel free to mix and blend again until it’s semi-fine. If it’s too thick, add a bit of water, but not too much.
4. In the boiled water, mix the soy milk powder into a paste. Be sure to mix it into a smooth paste, as soon as you pour in the water as it could clog up a bit, if you don’t.
5. Once the soy milk powder smooth and fine, add 2 table spoons of your  and coconut blend and mix. You can add more water till its as thick or watery, as you want it to.
6. Your Trifecta milk drink is ready.
7. This drink has a rich-sweet taste, so there is very little need for sugar or extra milk, but you can add both, if you are a  sweet tooth


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