How To Use A Food Trolley Gift Card

A gift card is a prepaid payment card that contains a specific amount of money available for use on a variety of electronic payment purchases. That said, gift cards are a super convenient way to show someone that you care. They are great gift ideas for loved ones and well, people who are difficult to shop for.

Food Trolley gift cards are valued at N5000, N10000, N15000, N25000 and N50,000. Your loved one has access to shop grocery items worth any of these amount.

Who needs a Food trolley Gift card?  

 Well, virtually everyone does, as long as you eat and drink and you love convenience. Food Trolley is all about convenience, making life easier for many.

Think about your heavily pregnant wife or friend who might be too tired to move about as she likes. A Food Trolley gift card is the perfect baby shower gift. How happy and relieved she would be when she has access to shop stuffs like yams, garri, palm oil etc from the comfort of her home and have them delivered to her without having to haggle prices in the hot sun.

Or maybe that newly wedded couple who in the heat of things might not have had time to stock up on food (it sounds funny but it happens), a Food Trolley gift card comes in handy and unique.

We all have that workaholic friend who is so terribly busy but definitely not too busy to eat. You can surprise him/her with a Food trolley gift card.

How about your elderly parents who shouldn’t be worrying about food at their age? Personally, I think a gift card wouldn’t even suffice. They should have a lifetime supply of food, LOL. You make the order and we deliver to them. It’s as simple as that.

How it works.

  • Simply log on to and search for “Gift Card”.
  • Select the amount you want- N5000, N10000, N15000, N25000or N50000.
  • Check the “Send Gift Card to a friend” box.
  • You’d see a drop down box where you are required to fill in recipient’s name, email address, custom message and time.
  • The recipient receives a mail with the gift card code after you make the payment.


Recipient can make use of the gift card by:

  • Logging on to
  • Make purchases equal to the value of the card.
  • Check out.
  • Choose the “Gift Card” option and enter the code.

It’s as simple as that. Just in case you have any difficulties with purchasing a gift card, you can send a mail to or call 09055506090.


Get a Food Trolley gift card for a loved one today.

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